Thursday, February 9, 2017

Environmental Science Small Group 1st Period (Week of 2/6-2/10)

What is the Common and the Tragedy of Commons Scenarios (Habits of Mind) Learning Strategies to support their success in content

Warm Up (Scientific Method Reading)  Scientific Method Notes- Design Your Owl Experiment (homework)  Lab Safety Review (F.A.T Answers strategy) Personal Ecological Footprint

Warm up: Writing prompt (What are 3 ways I can reduce my ecological footprint?)
Spheres of the Earth PowerPoint and Cornell Notes
F.A.T. writing format (Flip the question, Answer the question, Three supporting details)

Warm up: Writing prompt using the F.A.T. format (Which sphere has the greatest value or does all 4 spheres have the same equal value?)
Create Earth’s 4 Spheres Foldable and answer questions for under section of the foldable.

Warm up: Complete Earth's Spheres Foldable
Complete Study Guide (in preparation for test next week)

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