Sunday, November 9, 2014

9th Lit. Friday 11/7/14


What's Your Life's Blueprint?

Unit 3: What's Your Life's Blueprint?

Friday's Quickwrite:
Dear Scholars,
Please reflect on your life’s blueprint and write your responses to these questions:
What are your dreams?
How do you hope to achieve them?
What changes can you make in your daily life to make those dreams possible?
Who will you rely on when you encounter barriers?
What will give you strength to overcome adversity?

2nd-4th Block:
1. Complete your Blueprint ( a creative depiction of the plans you have for your life using pictures, drawings, symbols, quotes, words/ phrases, original poetry, lyrics, etc.) Your 8x11 inch white paper should be completely white space.

2.Read chapters 1-4 of The Fault in Our Stars by John Green and complete the guided reding questions for chapters 1-2.

3. Extra credit for presenting your blueprint!

Environmental Science Week of 11/3-11/7

Monday (11/3):
- Make-up Day (students will be given their 12 week grades and what assignments need to be completed for up to 50 credit to replace zeroes. They will then have time in class to complete their assignments)
HW: None

Tuesday (11/4): No School-Election Day!

Wednesday (11/5):
-Soil Vocabulary (Students will use the K.I.M. method to complete the vocabulary for the new soil unit)
- Ch 14.3 Assessment (Students will read chapter 14 section 3 in the text and they will complete the questions #1-6)
HW: None

Thursday (11/6):
- Research Lesson (Students will go to the media center and learn how to use the different databases to research information)
- Land Use Project: (students will begin working on their land use project where they will research information throughout the unit on a specific state park)
HW: None

Friday (11/7):
- Soil Hydroponics (students will replant their plants into soil)
-Soil Quality Lab (students will go outside and gather soil samples to test them and understand about the different types of soil quality around campus)
HW: Enjoy your weekend :)

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Environmental Science Week of 10/27-10/31

Monday (10/27):
- Blue Gold Documentary (students will watch a documentary on water and how it is fought for in politics and among different states)
HW: None

Tuesday (10/28):
- Wastewater Treatment Lab (students will complete a lab where they go through the process of water filtration. They will see how water is cleaned and recycled)
HW: None

Wednesday (10/29):
- Water Unit Review (Students will review for the water test by completing study questions and creating quiz questions for their partners)
HW: None

Thursday (10/30):
- Water Test (Students will be assessed on all content presented in the water unit)
HW: None

Friday (10/31):
- Soil Unit Introduction (students will be introduced to our next unit of study, soil)
- Soil Hydroponics (students will replant their plants into soil)
HW: Enjoy your weekend :)