Monday, September 29, 2014

Multicultural Literature week of 9/29-10/3/14


Students will revamp higher order thinking questions (2 questions for each chapter read in The Dairy of a Part-time Indian; total of 60 questions).

They will receive a questioning stem starter to help to create higher order thinking questions.  Students will then use these questions to ask peers as they that take upon the role of a given character in the novel (debate-rotations).  



Lesson: Coping With Death and Grieving

In the chapter read for homework, Junior learns of the death of Eugene, a close family friend just a few days after his Grandmother’s death. In less than a year, Junior has already experienced three deaths.

Discuss death, the grieving process, and Junior’s suicidal thoughts. How are we expected to grieve? Is this different in other cultures? Is there a right way or a wrong way? How does Junior cope?

Journal entry 11

Daily Homework:  HW: In Like a Lion p.  179 – 196 and “Rowdy and I Have a Long and Serious Discussion About Basketball” (p. 197 – 198)



Work Session:

What is theme power point and notes

Introduce weekly vocabulary- Context clues

Final Project


Analogies: theme is like. . .

Journal entry 12

Daily Homework:  HW: Read “Because Russian Guys Are Not Always Geniuses” (p.199 – 213) and “Remembering” (p.214 – 218)



Lesson:  The Effects of Alcohol on the Individual and Society


In today’s reading Junior’s sister Mary dies in an alcohol related tragedy. This is the third death in the novel that has been related to alcohol. Using the poem “Spirit in Me”, by Native American poet Esther G. Belin, students will be broken off into groups and handed an envelope with the lines of the Belin poem cut into strips. Students will create a found poem, blending some of the lines from the Belin poem with lines from this chapter of A.T.D.P.T.I.

Students will be given time in class to work on completing the final project for this unit

Linear Vocabulary


N.E.W.S. Break



Lesson: Gender Roles

The preceding chapter ended with a graphic of Junior and Rowdy holding hands and jumping into the lake together. The caption underneath reads: “Boys can hold hands until they turn nine.”  How have gender roles and corresponding expectations presented themselves throughout the novel?

 Vocabulary – Image Match-up

ATDPI Final Project-  Student Work on presentations in computer lab.

Daily Homework:  Talking About Turtles (p.219 -  230)

Environmental Science week of 9/29-10/3/14

Monday (9/29):
- Molecules Gone Mad! (students will create a mini poster about an assigned CFC)
HW: None

Tuesday (9/30):
- Unit Test Review: (as a class. we will review all information presented in the air unit to prepare for the exam on Friday)
HW: Complete Air Study Guide (due Friday, October 3)

Wednesday (10/1):
- ACE Preview: (students will complete activities that will prepare them and give them background information for the ACE presentation tomorrow)
Complete Air Study Guide (due Friday, October 3)

Thursday (10/2):
- ACE Presentation (students will attend a presentation from the Alliance for Climate Education about human impact and climate control)
HW: Complete Air Study Guide (due Friday, October 3)

Friday (10/3):
- Air Pollution Unit Exam (students will be assessed over all information presented in the Air Unit)
HW: Enjoy your weekend :)

Environmental Science week of 9/22-9/26/14

Monday (9/22):
- Air Pollution Notes (students will complete notes and a class discussion on air pollution and how it affects our environment.)
HW: Study for Cells Retest

Tuesday (9/23):
- ESA 21: (students will read and begin working on the webquests within the ESA 21 packet)

Wednesday (9/24):
- ESA 21: (students will complete the webquests within the ESA 21 packet)

Thursday (9/25):
- Air Pollution & Air Quality Packet (students work on a number of different activities that reinforce the ideas of air pollution and air quality. They will also look at how humans are impacting the AQI)
HW: None

Friday (9/26):
- Active Reading & Maps Practice (students will complete the active reading on air quality and then we will will at maps and how the air pollution is distributed across the world.)
HW: Enjoy your weekend :)

9th Grade Literature Week of Sept. 29-Oct. 3, 2014


Continue ACT II in small groups. We will discuss the important elements of plot and character development as a whole group. Which characters have changed? What are the different types of love and how have they impacted the character’s choices? How would you categorize Friar Laurence and the Nurse? Are they examples of “good” adults/influences?, etc.


Review ACT II. Students will take quiz tomorrow.  Students will use technology to analyze a character in Romeo & Juliet by creating a VOKI.




Citing Sources mini lesson

Students will submit “LOVE” ACT II Analysis-After Reading Activities (see handout) & ACT II Study Guide that they completing collaboratively as a discussion guide for the text

Watch Acts I & II of Zeferrelli version via

Begin Reading ACT III independently with use of guided reading questions if time allows



Teacher will allow students opportunity to share from the KWL chart. This will act as  a springboard to a discussion that will clear up misunderstandings about the assessment. Students will fill in the “L” column during the discussion. Students will walk awa with an understanding of the purpose, weight and timeframe of the test. They will also learn how the data from the test will be used to create ILP’s-individualized learning plans.

Romeo & Juliet (Read ACT III & finish watching ACT I-II if time allows)

Significant Quote Analysis Handout- students will identify speaker, who quote was being said to, what the quote is about, and why it is important to story/character development.



Students will work on Significant Quote Activity or work ahead on ACT III Reading text (No Fear Shakespeare) and answering study guide questions-(1st block will need extra time on ACT III)

Discuss ACT III & Read ACT III in small groups (Capulets vs Montagues)

Complete ACT III Study guide while reading text

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Environmental Science Week of September 8-12, 2014

Monday, September 8, 2014:
Unit 1 & 2 Test (students will be assessed over information presented in the first two units of the course)
Preview to Air Unit (students will complete an activity that previews the information that will be presented in the air unit)
HW: None

Tuesday, September 9, 2014:
- Island Earth Project (students will have time in class to begin their island earth project)
HW: None

Wednesday, September 10, 2014:- Island Earth Project (students will have time in class to complete their island earth project)
HW: Finish Island Earth Project

Thursday, September 11, 2014:
- Nova China Revs Up: students will watch a video about how air is polluted in China)
HW: Units 1 & 2 study guide.

Friday, September 12, 2014:- Smog City 2: (students will complete an activity that looks at the smog and how it affects the air quality)
HW: Units 1 & 2 study guide.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Multicultural Lit. Week of Sept. 8-12

Monday September 8- Vocabulary on the Lakota native Americans

Tuesday September 9 - Station Activities, Socratic Seminar prep-Hot Seat, Question, Poetry Analysis, Vocabulary

Wednesday September 10 - Station Activities, Socratic Seminar prep-Hot Seat, Question,  Poetry Analysis, Vocabulary

Thursday September 11- Quiz, Writing Workshop- Cultural Expressions Museum, Exhibit Project Writing Workshop- Cultural Expressions Museum Exhibit Project

 Friday September 12- Quiz, Writing Workshop- Cultural Expressions Museum, Exhibit Project Writing Workshop- Cultural Expressions Museum Exhibit Project

Homework: read chapter 1-10 by Thursday.

Shakespeare Webquest Directions

Unit 2: Shakespeare Webquest Directions
Please click the link below to begin the Shakespeare Webquest. You will be required to answer all of the questions in each section of the webquest. The webquest will prepare you for the group research project that we will complete, so make sure that you answer each question fully.

1.Please type or cut and paste the questions in a word document and add your answers in a different color. Make sure that you add the appropriate heading, title and sub titles.

2. Save your work under your student id and not on the computer. You cannot print the document today.

3. If the About Shakespeare link does not work, you may use google search engine to locate the answers in that section.

Word Document Page Set up:

First and Last name

Shakespeare Webquest

About Shakespeare

1. William Shakespeare was born in what year?
(Your answer in a different color font)

2. What date do we recognize as his birthday?
(Your answer in a different color font)

English 9 Extra Credit Opportunities

Unit 1 & Unit 2:Extra Credit Opportunites
Option #1:
Create a digital storyboard for any of the short stories that we read in Unit 1. You will have to join my class using the URL below. Once there, follow the directions for joining and then creating your digital storyboard.

Please be prepared to present your storyboard in class on Wednesday September 10, 2014.

Register for Storyboard That

Sign Up Instructions:
  1. Go to
  2. Fill in the area marked "Register"
  3. Username: Choose a unique login name
  4. Password: Choose a private password
  5. Display Name: This is what your teacher calls you
  6. Class Name: mrsrome
  7. Access Key: brown15
  8. Recommended: Record your user name and password

Option #2:

Work AHEAD!!!

Extra Credit Projects for Unit 2: Who's to Blame?
Drama featuring Romeo and Juliet

Students can complete one project for additional points added to
A test grade and one project for additional points added to a quiz grade.
Limit= 2 projects
Please, note the items with an * can only be completed after we finish reading the play.

For a maximum of ten points added on to a test grade:
  • Write and perform an original song or rap based on the play.*
  • Create a front page of a newspaper and articles pertaining to the scenes.
  • Create a diary for one of the minor characters in the novel. (10 entries minimum)
  • Create a scrapbook for one of your characters; include poems, artwork, awards, newspaper articles, pictures, etc. (5 pages minimum.)
  • Create an illustrated children’s version of the play.*
  • Create a game board from the play. Examples may include Monopoly, Clue, Pictionary, etc. (at least 25 game pieces)
  • Create a “quilt” out of paper depicting 12-16 scenes. Use 1 scene for each panel. Write a caption that explains each scene—don’t forget borders etc. (or string together like a clothesline.)
  • Create a music video combining still pictures with music and words that would fit the theme
  • Research and present examples of Italian cooking.
  • Research and present some aspect of Italian life in the time or Romeo & Juliet (c. 1400) or the time of Shakespeare (Approx. 1600)

For a maximum of ten points added on to a quiz grade:
  • Write a newspaper article over a major incident from the play, following the proper newspaper format.
  • Write a resume for a character.
  • Create a comic strip or storyboard of an important scene.
  • Write a poem (15 lines minimum).
  • Draw or create a 3-D map of important places – explain importance of each place.
  • Create a model of something from the novel. (The balcony scene, etc.)
  • Create five tangible or intangible gifts for a character and attach a card with an explanation of the gift.
  • Write a eulogy for a character that died during the play.*
  • Write epitaphs for all of characters that died during the play.*
  • Create a mural/collage of the play overall.*
  • Write a “Dear Abby” letter and response.
  • Write a magazine interview with a character or author.*
  • Create a mobile. (5 items minimum)
  • Create a crossword puzzle. (with an answer key)
  • Write a magazine review of the novel.*
  • Choose 3 songs and relate them to your novel. (Choices need to be very clear and school appropriate.)*
  • Write a character sketch of a character. (1 paragraph minimum)
  • Create a timeline of the plot with at least one visual for each Act.*
  • Write a letter to a friend recommending or not recommending this play.*
  • Create an original book cover, including jacket-synopsis and author information.
  • Create a timeline of the plot.*
  • Write a letter to the author.
  • Create a movie poster or a promo T-shirt.
  • Write Friar Lawrence’s letter to Romeo or a letter between Romeo and Juliet. Remember to use language from the time period!

English 9 Week of Sept. 1-Sept. 5


Tuesday- How does the author's choices influence the theme of a text?
Students will continue to analyze The Cask of Amontillado by Edgar A. Poe. (video) (copy of the text)

Students will partner read text and answer guided reading questions. All responses to the guided reading questions must include textual evidence.

Wednesday- Continue with Tuesday's task. See above
3rd & 4th- Short Story Projects are DUE!!!!
2nd- Short Story Projects & Presentations due 9/10/14

Thursday- Begin Shakespeare Webquest & Complete The Cask of Amontillado Activities:
-view film (see link above)
-complete constructed response
-begin Shakespeare Webquest

Friday- Common Assessment #2

Multicultural Literature Week of Sept. 1-Sept. 5

Monday September 1 - Labor Day Holiday

Tuesday September 2 - Introduction to the novel

The Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian by Sherman Alexie Review for Unit test Introduction to the novel  

Wednesday September 3- Introduction to the novel

The Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian by Sherman Alexie Review for Unit test Introduction to the novel

Thursday September 4 -Unit 1 Test

Friday September 5-  ATDPI Chapters 1-3 Introduce Cultural Expressions Activity

Homework: Please make sure you have a copy of the book The Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Environmental Science Week of September 2-September 5

Tuesday, September 2, 2014:
- Toxicology Notes
(students will complete guided graphic organizer notes that will discuss toxins and their effects on our environment)- Tox Town (Students will begin working on the Tox Town activity to explore the specific toxins found in our neighborhoods)
Bring in supplies;

Wednesday, September 3, 2014:- Tox Town Activity: students will complete an activity on how the toxicity of the atmosphere affects different cities and towns.
- Hydroponics: students will set up the hydroponics semester long project
HW: Units 1 & 2 study guide.

Thursday, September 4, 2014:
- Tox Town Presentations: students will present the vital information from the Tox Town activity.
- Biomagnification: students will take guided notes on biomagnification
- Biomagnification Lab: students will be assigned roles and act out the process of biomagnification
HW: Units 1 & 2 study guide.

Friday, September 5, 2014:- Finish Tox Town Presentations: (students will complete their presentations for Tox Town)
- Unit Test Review (we will have a class study session about unit 1 & 2 and information that will be on the exam)
HW: Units 1 & 2 study guide.